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Gayatri Mantra

  • This book contains all the messages about “Gayatri Manta” as told or written by Bhagwan.
  • The contents are picked from various speeches of Bhagwan during various occasions.
  • The research team had spent 8 months and have browsed through 3000 discourses, 15 Vahinis written by Bhagwan and 15 Summer Showers to bring out this unique and invaluable treasure store on “Gayatri Mantra”.
  • This book has two parts- the first part is in English and the second part is in Tamil (translation of the English part), thus catering to both the section of readers.
This creative content from the research team makes the book definitely a “must-read” copy to own, read and re-read them for all the spiritual aspirants.
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This book is a compilation of Samarpan talks at Dharmakshetra by All India President and other dignitaries in about 400 pages in the form of 18 Chapters. Each chapter begins with some of the key messages of Swami that a reader can expect to learn from that chapter. The ultimate purpose of spreading these books across all our Sai Centers is that maximum people can enjoy Bhagawan's glory and derive benefit.
வணிக வண்டி
வணிக வண்டியில் தயாரிப்புகள் எதுவும் இல்லை!