Sai & Chennai

Sai & Chennai

Sundaram, the magnificent edifice, which literally means “Divine Beauty” is special, indeed very special. But what is it that makes it so special? Why is it that all – from slum dwellers to sitting judges of the Madras High Courts, from street hawkers to top industrialists – make a beeline to Sundaram for the Sunday bhajans? Why do Sai devotees from Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia, etc. make it a point to visit Sundaram when they stopover in Chennai en route to Puttaparthi? Why is it that it is often hailed as “heaven in Chennai” and “a beacon of light” by social workers and statesmen as well as by agnostics?

It is to unravel and reveal the glory of Sundaram to our readers and also equally important, to celebrate the completion of 25 years of its existence, that we have this cover story. Sundaram is special simply because it is an indelible part of Swami’s glorious mission. It has not only housed the Lord whenever Swami visited the city after its existence, but also provided comfort and care to thousands of troubled hearts and mangled minds over the last two and a half decades. Miracles have happened at Sundaram. Minds have been moulded and the Lord’s presence felt every moment. We will tell you stories of all this and more as you journey along with us on this spiritual voyage of experiencing the sublimity that is Sundaram. Let’s start with the very beginning – how did it actually come about?

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