Sri Sathya Sai Speaks

Sri Sathya Sai Speaks


Giving up narrow ideas and feelings, people should show compassion towards their fellow beings. Compassion is the hallmark of Bhakthi (devotion). No one can hope to please God without showing dhaya (compassion) towards his fellow men. A loving heart is the temple of God. God cannot dwell in a heart without compassion. God is one. The goal is one. People have to change their outlook. They have to develop love towards all. There is nothing greater in the world than this Prema dhrishti (feeling of universal love).

There are many eminent scholars and intellectuals in the world today who are adept in seeing the diversity in the world. But why don’t they try to see the unity that underlies this diversity? They alone are good who see the unity in the apparent diversity. But those who see only the diversity in the One are mere clever intellectuals.

The uniqueness of every being is one of the marvels of creation. No two persons are entirely alike. There are differences even among twins. People differ in respect of talents. But it should be realised that all talents are derived from the Divine. How are we to recognise unity in diversity? Birth and death are common to all beings. Whether one is a millionaire or a pauper, both are brought forth from their mothers’ wombs. Hunger and thirst are common to all. The kind of food that is eaten may vary, but hunger is the same for all.

Likewise thirst is common to all. These basic common experiences point to the unity that underlies the diversity. The Upanishads have emphasized the spiritual oneness of all beings. The life force is one and the same, in all. The Aathma is the same in all. How, then, it may be asked, there are differences in the bodies? These differences are the results of differences in the thoughts, feelings and actions of the individuals concerned. The indwelling spirit is the same in everyone.

Make Every Act Holy

By developing attachment to persons and possessions men created causes for their sorrow. By reducing their attachments and developing love for God, they can reduce their misery and increase their happiness. The more they love God, the more the bliss they will experience. Men are plunged in misery because they hanker after the physical instead of yearning for God. If men convert their desire for material objects into the desire for the Supreme they will enjoy immense happiness. All that is necessary is for them to see the Divine in everything in the phenomenal world. That will be true devotion. And work will be turned into worship. Make every act holy…

The Power of Prayer is Incalculable

Pray for the welfare of all. The power of prayer is incalculable. Everyone should pray every day for the welfare and happiness of all people everywhere. This is true spirituality. To render service to others to the limit of your capacity is real spirituality. The body has been given to man for serving others. If one has a compassionate heart, is truthful in speech, and uses his body for serving others, he needs nothing else to redeem his life.

Regard every moment as new. Live in the present. Have good thoughts and do good deeds. Cultivate good company. Act according to the dictates of your conscience. The secret of happiness lies within you, not outside. Pray for the welfare of all… In fact, you are all embodiments of peace, bliss and Divine. Everyone of you should make efforts to develop inner peace individually. Then the whole world will be peaceful. Don’t yield to any fear or anxiety. Develop love. Hatred breeds disaster. Shed feelings of hatred. With love, the country and world will prosper.


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