The story today is about a devotee who was blessed with the boon of being worshipped as the Lord Himself. The prasadam offered to the Lord is offered to him too.

Vichara Sarman, who came to be known as Chandeshvara Nayanar was born in Tiruchaijnanallur.

Even at a young age, he was full of devotion for Lord Shiva and went to learn the Vedas. One day he sees a cowherd hitting a cow. Feeling enraged, Vichara Sarman pulls up the boy and says he will take care of the cows from that day.

He takes good care of the cows and uses the excess milk to worship Lord Shiva. He makes a linga out of sand on the banks of the river and worships Him daily offering the milk.

The villagers however tell Vichara Sarman’s father that he is wasting the milk. His father watches him discreetly, gets angry and hits him with a stick. Yet, Vichara Sarman continues with his prayers, unaffected by the spanks.

Echhadattan, Vichara Sarman’s father, gets furious and kicks the milk pot, spilling milk all over the ground. When Vichara Sarman realized what his father had done, he feels hurt and seeks the pardon of the Lord. A stick hurled at Echadattan’s legs turns into an axe and wounds his legs.

Hit by the Lord’s weapon, Echadattan is cured of his sins and reaches the abode of the Lord.

Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi gave darshan to Vichara Sarman and tell him that henceforth, they will be his parents.

The Lord blesses him with a garland of Kondrai and with Sandesha Padam making him the head of all Shivanadiyars. He was also blessed with Swaroopa Mukti, where he attained the divine form of Lord Shiva enabling the devotees to worship him in the same manner as they would worship Lord Shiva.

Chandesvara Nayanar’s love for the Lord is an example of single pointed and whole hearted devotion to the Lord.


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