Develop pure character.

Real education is not having command over a number of languages. I remember an incident that happened some time ago. The wife of an educated gentleman used to get letters from a certain Lakshmi Narayana, and the husband suspected him to be a boyfriend of her college days. When a telegram came one day asking the wife to meet Lakshmi Narayana at the railway station, he hid the message and waited for developments, full of anger at the stranger as well as at his own wife. A tragedy was averted when Lakshmi, the college friend, rushed in, disappointed that the wife did not meet her at the station according to the telegram. It seems she had come to that very town because her husband, Narayana, had been transferred to that place ! Mere literacy is the source of such silly suspicions!

Source: Sathya Sai Speaks, volume 3, chapter 24. September 12,1963.

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