Spiritual Discipline.

Man must be aware always of the danger of a fall, of losses in life. Bhagawan lovingly explains this truth through a simple but humorous story:

Once a woman rushed to her husband, the master of the house, and said: “I hear a noise; it is perhaps a thief.” And, he replied, “I know; don’t interrupt my sleep.” In a few minutes, she said, “He (the thief) came into the house.” But the man only responded: “I know.” Later, she panicked, “He is opening the box.” Still, the man said, “I know” and kept quiet.

After some time, she said, “He is running away,” and the man continued as before, “ I know.” He did not pay any attention to the warnings of the theft and thus, suffered a loss. So too you do not heed to the warnings God gives but move forward towards calamities, with eyes open.

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