Thiruthalaiyur, a village close to Kollumangudi in Trichy district was very prosperous. Most of the residents of the village were experts in Vedam Chanting. They followed the path of Dharma as per the teachings of the Vedas. Due to all this, the village of Thiruthalaiyur had abundant supply of milk, honey and all other essential items. The people thus experienced a life full of bliss. It was in this village lived Pasupathiar, a vedic scholar who was a staunch devotee of Lord Shiva. He was very interested in chanting Rudram.

There was a beautiful lotus pond in the village. Everyday early in the morning, Pasupathiyar used to go to the pond and take a holy dip. Then he used to stand neck deep in the cold water and chant the Sri Rudram whilst meditating upon the Lotus feet of Lord Shiva.

What is so special about Sri Rudram? There are seven Khandas in the Yajur Veda which are regarded as the Head of the Lord. Sri Rudram is in the center of the middle Khanda of the Yajur Veda and it describes the Lord’s wonderful manifestations. Its recitation purifies the mind and body. Standing in the water and reciting this sacred mantra is regarded to be very effective and bestows Moksha [liberation] on the devotee who chants the Sri Rudram, thus.

Pasupathiyar attained the name ‘Rudra Pasupathi Nayanar’ as he resorted to this Sadhana (standing neck deep in cold water and chanting the Sri Rudram) and with the Lord’s blessings, later he attained Moksha.


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