The Divine Will

The will of the Lord is undisputed and is carried out despite the best of efforts to thwart it. Here is Bhagawan’s story on the supremacy of His will.

“I shall tell you a story on the will of the Supreme Lord (Iswara Sankalpa) and how nothing can stop it from becoming a reality.

Lord Shiva used to deliver discourses to sages, saints and celestial beings everyday evening at Mount Kailash.

One day, Goddess Parvathi suggested that a hall can be constructed to accommodate the large gathering so that everyone listens to Lord Shiva without any disturbance, even if there is fog, mist, or cold winds. However, this was not the will of the Lord. Since the Goddess insisted, He relented. An astrologer was consulted before the foundation was laid and he predicted that the hall will be consumed by fire as Saturn was not in a favourable position. Nevertheless, the hall was built. Lord Shiva proposed to ask Saturn for a favour of saving the hall from his anger, though He doubted whether the planet will ever agree.

The Goddess felt deeply hurt and she resolved not to give the tiny tyrant, Saturn, the credit for destroying the hall that She wanted to be built. She said that instead of giving him the chance to declare arrogantly that he had set fire to the hall, she will herself set fire to it. But Lord Shiva asked her to first wait. He said He will meet Saturn in person and request him to spare the hall. He told Her, “If Saturn agrees to exempt the hall from his anger, I shall come back and report the good news to you; but, if he is adamant, I shall raise My Hand and twirl this drum. On hearing that signal, you may set fire to the hall and rob Saturn of the credit for doing so.” Saturn agreed to Lord Siva’s request and assured that he will not burn down the hall. He, however, prayed for one small boon. Saturn said that he had never seen the famous Shiva Thandava and craved for a darshan of the Divine dance. The Lord readily assented and started the Thandava, raising His hand and sounding the drum ! Listening to the signal, Parvathi applied the torch of fire and the hall was, as per the Will of Lord Shiva, burnt to ashes!”

Source: Sathya Sai Speaks, Volume 2, Chapter 16. Discourse delivered on October 17, 1961.

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